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Online Exhibitions

White Page Gallery

The “White page Gallery” project was conceived by the MediaLab team at the University of Brasília, Unb, coordinated by Lynn Carone, Artur Cabral and Joenio Costa and took place within the Emmeio#1 International exhibition, the last Online version of the event. It is an online gallery project, inspired by the proposal of Whitepagegallery ( ) conceived in 2019, with the purpose of decentralizing and democratizing art and, therefore, open exhibition spaces for any artists who want and share of this philosophy and that they believe in the importance of art as a way of building individuals and society beyond the rules imposed by the market and art institutions. Therefore, like the White Page Gallery, the focus is on the social value of artistic curation based on values ​​such as solidarity, hospitality, inclusion, altruism and mutual support. For this, it is assumed the absence of hierarchies and vanity. Everyone who is part of the project has the ability to make a total and independent decision regarding the artistic methods and projects they choose to exhibit in this online space.

  • 2021 — White Page Gallery (Access)

Web Exhibitions coordinated as a substitute professor at the Institute of Arts of the University of Brasília

In the first half of 2020, the INST.TANTE  and  (IN)TANGÍVEL_MATÉRIA SENSÍVEL web-exhibitions were events coordinated by Lynn Carone and Andrea Campos de Sá with the collaboration of each of the young students and artists and was one of the cultural activities proposed for the project extension course “Actions in Art in the Times of Covid-19” at the University of Brasília Brasília (UnB), coordinated by Dr. Cinara Barbosa, VIS/IdA - UnB. In the second semester, theINTERSECÇÕES  Web-exhibition was part of the event of the extension program of the University of Brasília, whose purpose was to show the results of the research of the students of the subjects Electronic Art 1, Animation, Introduction to Engraving and Materials in Art 2, again coordinated by Lynn Carone and Andrea Campos de Sá and also by Artur Cabral.

Since the beginning of 2020, it took a lot of disposition to deal with the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The first one was the suspension of the academic calendar of Brazilian universities, followed by the period of adaptation of professors and students to the remote mode of communication and learning. The Web-exhibitions were the result of weekly virtual meetings - synchronous and asynchronous classes - which provided opportunities for discussions, film presentations, reading of texts and works by artists referring to the contexts discussed, in addition to tutorials with suggestions for the development of practical work. The exchanges were rich, promoting the incentive for the individual poetic production and the approximation between the members of each group. We can say that the semester of social isolation reinforced the undeniable presence of technological phenomena within the scope of new perspectives and aesthetic possibilities. The web-exhibitions showed us that even in the face of so many challenges and hopelessness, resilience, resistance and persistence still make us believe in the fundamental role that art plays.

Participation as an artist

  • 2021 — 'Inmid#13. White Page Gallery – participation as an artist and project coordination – (Access)
  • 2021 — 'Emmeio#13.0Contaminations-WebArt – Live Performance- Cyclicities – (Access)
  • 2021 — 'Emmeio#13.0Contaminations-WebArt-@3’ – (Access)
  • 2020 — Emmeio12# – Round – (Access)
  • 2020 — Web-Subway Exhibition- Vanishing Points - 1womanporM2 (Access)
  • 2020 — Exhibition “Scape Points” - Subway - Web art - Virtual exhibition in interactive game format – SP – Collective 1womanporM2– (Access)